Tour member who join Tabigo Tour Package is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following.
Golden Adventure Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd (KPL/LN6263) is the organiser of all Tabigo Tour Packages.

Booking Fee / Deposit / Payment

(i) A non-refundable deposit of RM300 per person for a tour fare from RM300 to RM1,000 per person,
(ii) A non-refundable deposit of RM500 per person for a tour fare from RM1,001 to RM 4,000 per person,
(iii) A non-refundable deposit of RM1,000 per person for a tour fare from RM4,001 and above per person
is required to be paid as booking fee. Balance of the full payment must be made 30 days prior to departure.

For booking done less than 14 days before tour departure, full payment must be settled once booking is confirmed from us. A failure to comply with the above requirement may result in the cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of your deposit. For non-refundable deposit mentioned in our tour packages, there is no refund under any circumstances.

For special promotion packages tour booked during travel fair, passenger need to settle the payment in full amount first to avoid the cancellation of airlines seat. Amendment of name, departure date and tour change is strictly not allowed after deposit paid. Otherwise fare difference, documentation and processing fees will be applied for the amendment. Surcharge will apply for peak season and school holiday departure.

Cancellation Charges

Any cancellation must be in writing to avoid any misunderstanding. Cancellation fees will be charge as below.

  • 22 – 44 working days before departure date: Forfeiture of Tour Deposit
  • 15 – 21 working days before departure date: 35% of Tour Fare
  • 8 – 14 working days before departure date: 50% of Tour Fare
  • 3 – 7 working days before departure date: 75% of Tour Fare
  • 2 working days or less before departure date: 100% of Tour Fare

All cancellation of booking must be made in writing. The Organiser will forfeit the deposit or even the balance if the cancellation is not notified in writing. During the peak/festival season, the additional cancellation fees will be charged.

The respective airline’s cancellation policy on special promotional fare will apply in addition to the above cancellation charges.
[Note: The airline ticket is restricted and subject to the Airline’s Term and Conditions. It may be non-endorsable, non-reissuable, non-refundable and non-reroutable.]

Amendment or Postponement Charges

Upon confirmation of the tour any subsequent change made to the reservation must be notified in writing 30 days before tour departure. If agreed by the organiser, original receipt must be submitted and altered by the organiser. Amendment through tele-conversation or other ways are not acceptable. The Organiser reserves the right to charge amendment fees / postponement fees of a minimum RM100 per person per change. These fees are in additional to any charges levied by hotel, ground operator or airlines. Tabigo and The Organiser reserve the right to reject any amendment. The amendment or postponement may result the tour price increase without any further notice.

Cancellation by Tabigo / The Organiser

  • Tabigo and The Organiser reserve the right to cancel the tour due to the act of God, war, strikes, riot, theft or other from Government of Malaysia which is beyond its control. Then Tabigo and The Organiser shall recommend alternative tours preferably to the same destination or other tours. Should any tour members decide not to accept the alternative tour, all monies paid less the administrative fee chargeable will be refund to the tour members.
  • For group tour departure, minimum 10 passengers (adults) and above are required to form a group size departure. In the event of a cancellation due to insufficient passengers or inability to secure air seats or accommodation, the tour members will be informed at least 14 days before tour departure. The full amount of deposit will be refunded to the passenger. The decision of the organiser shall be final and such cancellation shall incur no liabilities.

Travel Documents

  • All tour members must be personally ensure that their International Passports, with validity of more than 6 months from the date of return to country of origin. All passengers must have the necessary visa and vaccination and health certificates as required by the various authorities of the country to be visited.
  • If for any reason, the application for visa or necessary exit permit is rejected, a refund of tour fare will be made less administrative fees shall be fixed at RM200 or if the cancellation falls within the above stipulated period, the above cancellation fee will apply whichever is higher. No visa fee will be refunded if visa already in process.
  • The Organiser shall not be held responsible or liable for any expenses, reimbursement, or refund of tour fare, if any tour member is refused entry or deported by immigration authorities resulting from the possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or other causes, or whose behaviour and activities are considered to be detrimental by a foreign government.

Tour Information and Prices

Tour price shown are those current at the time of publication of the brochure or the price list which from part of the brochure in this website. It is therefore subject to change with or without notice due to currency fluctuations, increase in transportation cost, hotel rate, government tax & etc.

Tour Fare Include

  • Hotel accommodation based on twin sharing basis (2 person to a room).
    Single supplement (person staying alone), the person must pay the single supplement; Triple sharing (3 person travelling together), for a group of 3 person, accommodation is based on triple sharing basis where applicable.
  • All meals, sightseeing admission fee and other items as specified in the tour itinerary.
  • Sightseeing tour and / or transfer are based on private tour or sit in coach basis as stated in the tour itinerary.

Tour Fare Exclude

  • Travel Insurance, Visa fees, Seaport tax and service tax where required.
  • Porterage at airport and hotels.
  • Laundry, beverage, room service or other purely personal natures.
  • Meals, Gratuities and other service not listed in the itinerary. (Except where otherwise specified)
  • Gratuities to tour leader, tour guide & driver. (Except where otherwise specified)

Child Fare

The child fare as advertised is based on a child who is 2 years but below 12 years of age (on the date of departure). Child fare is based on the child as third person in twin or double room of two adults without extra beds, if a child occupies a half twin or extra bed , surcharge will be impose.

Travel Insurance

All passengers are advised to take up travel insurance for personal / family coverage for trip cancellation, accident, medical, hospitalization, flight delay, lost baggage and personal effects and etc.


The company assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to baggage or belongings whilst they are in the custody of the airlines, other companies, accommodation supplies or the passenger.


No refund or reduction will be made if any tours, transfer journeys, meals or any other service provided are not utilized. No refund value on unutilized sector.

Possible Changes

Airlines schedule or local conditions may require sightseeing tours, hotels and route to be changed. Should this occur, The Organiser shall make alternative arrangement subject to local conditions.

Right to Reject

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any itinerary, or any reservation made for a customer or decline to accept or retain any person from being a tour member if he is likely to endanger the health or safety, or impair the comfort or enjoyment of others on the tour. The Organiser further reserves the right to cancel the reservation if for any other reason any carrier, hotel or other contractor refuses to allow any participants to participate in the tour. If any of such events, The Organiser’s sole liability shall be to refund to the tour member any money paid, less the amounts for services already utilized, and the administration and cancellation fees.


  • Tabigo, The Organiser & its appointed agent acts only as agents for the transportation, hotel accommodation or other services and shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property while in transit, additional expenses incurred, accommodation, sickness acts of God, strikes and government restriction. The Organiser & its appointed agents reserves the right to alter, amend or cancelled any of the arrangements contained in the itineraries as may be deemed necessary due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Tour will be operated on sit in coach basis or private tour, when and where circumstance deem necessary.
  • Tabigo and The Organiser will only provide the services of an accompany tour escort for a group of minimum 15 adults passengers.
  • Notwithstanding the place or country in which a cause of action arises, it is expressly agreed hereto that all causes of action/s shall at all times to commence within the jurisdiction and territory of Malaysia, where the booking was made.
  • Take notice that Tabigo`s tour packages, Tabigo and The Organiser`s personnel are NOT equipped to cater and / or provide for the needs and / or requirements of disabled / handicapped individuals (including and not limited to individuals with sight, speech, hearing and mobility disabilities) and for the needs and / or requirements of individuals suffering from any and all medical condition. Tabigo and The Organiser strongly urges all intending passengers / tour members to equip themselves with all special care and / or needs that they may require. Tabigo and The Organiser or its associated agents shall not be responsible for the same in any manner whatsoever.
  • Any person participating in any or holiday organized by The Organiser or its appointed agents shall be his / her own risk. Tabigo and the Organiser or its associated agents shall not be held liable to any person as a result of: inaccuracy, miss description or changes to any tour and its itinerary. Deportation or refusal of entry to tour members by Immigration Authorities due to possessing unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or other causes or whose behaviour and activities are considered as subversive by the foreign government concerned.
  • The information in this website or brochure is correct to the best of the organizers knowledge at the time of going to print or publish, but Tabigo and The Organiser cannot guaranteed that any item or amenity mentioned will always be available, especially where Tabigo and The Organiser have no direct control over it. In the event of a difference in the other language itinerary, the English version will be deemed the correct version.

* and Golden Adventure Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd reserves the right to update (add or change) these Tour Package Booking Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.


Golden Adventure Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd 金牌假期 (KPL/LN6263)是所有TABIGO旅游配套的主办机构。


  • 报名时每人需缴交300令吉按金(团费介于300至1000令吉/每人)
  • 报名时每人需缴交500令吉按金(团费介于1,001至4000令吉/每人)
  • 报名时每人需缴交1,000令吉按金(团费介于4,001或以上/每人)





  • 出发前22-44天内退出者,没收按金。
  • 出发前15-21天内退出者,收取团费的35%。
  • 出发前8-14天内退出者,收取团费的50%。
  • 出发前3-7天内退出者,收取团费的75%。
  • 出发前2天内退出或临时缺席者,收取团费的100%。











  • 酒店住宿以2人共用1间客房为原则。单人参加的旅客,将以单人住宿1房计算。3人共用1房的旅客将以3人同房的价格计算。
  • 所有膳食、景点入场费及其他列明在行程表上的项目。
  • 所有被指定在行程内的观光景点及交通接送服务(与其他旅客同座)。


  • 旅游保险、签证费、海关税及服务税。
  • 机场及酒店的行李搬运费。
  • 洗涤、饮料、客房服务及其他个人的额外开销。
  • 没有列明在行程表上的膳食费及小费。
  • 领队、导游及司机的小费。(除非有特别列明)








  • TABIGO及其销售代理作为主办机构,仅受行程中各酒店、运输、交通公司等受托为代理,权责有限,对于旅程中任何无法控制之情况,例如交通工具失灵、罢工、偷窃、延阻、医疗或海关条例等等,造成团员本身病伤或财务损失或直接、间接造成行程更动或取消等等,一概恕不负责。
  • 在需要或特殊的情况下,旅途中将可能与其他旅客同坐旅游车。
  • 凡人数达到最少15名成人,主办机构才会委派1名领队随团服务。
  • 若有任何突发事件发生,无论发生在任何地点或国家,一切事件的司法权都以马来西亚国家法律为依归。
  • TABIGO的工作人员并没有受过照顾残障人士的专门训练(包括视觉、声觉、听觉或行动不便的残障人士)。因此,个别残障人士同行的团员请自行照顾该名人士在旅途上的特别需要。本公司将不负责给予特别的照顾。
  • 团员若不幸发生下列任何事故,全由旅客自行负责,一概与本公司或代理公司无关,这包括行程或行程表的不准确、错误或变动。团员携带违禁品、旅行文件不适用,或其行为及活动被国外政府视为非法和破坏,而被拒绝入境或驱逐出境。
  • 网页内或行程表里所阐述的资料项目及服务以当时情况为准,本公司不能保证一切所提及的项目及服务将长期受用。行程指南和旅游细则,以英文版为准。
  • 所有在网页内所呈现的中文细则,皆以英文版为准。

* and Golden Adventure Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd(金牌假期)拥有更改或更新旅游配套中的一切细则的最终权利,恕不另作任何通知。